[VITA] Can’t login to the PSN? Here’s how you can still access Netflix.

March 21, 2013

 Can’t log in to PSN because of being on a lower firmware? Here’s how you can still access Netflix.

Now we all know that most of you are holding out on a lower firmware because of wanting access to an exploit or due to the “Here is another mandatory update” bombs that happen very often, so the fact that you cant access PSN let alone Netflix which is another service that costs a monthly fee can be disheartening. Worry not, as you can actually access Netflix on the Vita while on a lower firmware. If you happen to be on a PS3, Wololo wrote an article describing a method for accessing Netflix on a PS3 without PSN here.

Described here for the Vita, is a similar technique to the PS3 one that is extremely simple and blocks out certain Sony domains that’ll open up the way to watching movies and tv shows once again! So to start you’re going to need Charles Proxy and blatantly, a PlayStation Vita on a lower firmware.

You have to have Charles installed first. Start it up, and route your internet Vita traffic to it. This is done by setting your proxy in the vita to the IP address of your computer Charles is running on. It would be something like (though this only works on your local network, unless you do port forwarding, ect). Then you set the port, 8888.

Now, you can navigate to the Netflix app and start it up. You should see items popping up on Charles. Right click and blacklist at least “http://fus01.psp2.update.playstation.net” (though I did every viable non-Netflix url.) Then run Netflix again, and it works. Next time you try to log into Netflix, the Vita will think Sony’s servers are down and will give you an error (NW-10743-5) which is fine, just hit OK and login! Simple as that!

However, if you want some extra protection against Sony you could also blacklist these as well, which are active while using Netflix.

  • http://static-resource.np.community.playstation.net
  • http://livearea.np.dl.playstation.net
  • https://gs-sec.ww.np.dl.playstation.net:443

Well that about covers it! I’m sure this will be handy at some point in the near future. Thanks again to Theredbaron for helping out with this!

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