Vita Firmware 3.01 surfaces

December 10, 2013

PS Vita 3.01 has just surfaced on Sony’s servers, and already my email box is full of questions regarding TN-V4. What will be the impact of this new firmware? Is TN-V4 going to be compatible with firmware 3.01? etc…

Of course I don’t have the answers right now, the firmware was announced just a few minutes ago. But I’ll regroup with the people involved in TotalNoob’s release, and I’m sure hackers are already hard at work to test if anything got impacted on the hacking side of things.

As far as the firmware itself is concerned, no information has yet surfaced on what it does. Given that it is a minor revision, it could be some stability fixes for a specific game, or an actual security patch related to PSP hacks. There was no official announcement from Playstation about this firmware update yet, as far as I know. It is also unsure if it has been released to all countries already.

Will keep you updated as soon as we learn more, stay tuned.

Thanks to Vita update Bot and MaxiExtreme

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