Vita: Hello World on OFW 2.0 by Frostegater (PSP emu)

November 20, 2012

For those of you worried that Sony might one day have a magic patch for all psp usermode exploits, frostegater has good news for you: Vita’s firmware 2.0 still has some holes in the PSP emu (screenshot below).

He proves it with a typical Hello world running inside the psp emulator of the Vita. It’s no surprise, as I mentioned before we still have dozens of game exploits available on the psp (and those are compatible with the psp emu on the Vita) – lots of which, I need to mention, were found by frostegater himself -, but it’s good to confirm that these undisclosed usermode exploits still run even after a release of a new Vita firmware.

More impressive is the fact that the firmware was released only a few hours ago, and yet hackers had the time to install it, test the exploit, take pictures, upload them, etc… :)

The vita OFW 2.0 patches several user mode exploits we released here at over the past few months. It is very likely that it also patches Total_Noob’s Kernel exploit in the psp emu, which would mean we are back to user mode exploits (understand: VHBL) for a little while, but the status of the Kernel exploit still needs to be confirmed (although early tests tell us it’s been patched too).

In the meantime, enjoy this screenshot (thanks to the Z), and stay tuned for more releases :)

Source Frostegater via The Z

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