[VITA] VHBL exploit for 2.60 released

August 21, 2013

Principino8 (aka Cosimo98 ) has developed a new exploit for the Playstation Vita, thanks to the joint work of several users at moddingstudio and Psmod.

VHBL: the next exploit is served.
We’re releasing a new USERMODE exploit for PSVita. We discussed it for a long time and now that $ony has released the FW 2.60, the time to reveal what we’ve worked on so far has arrived.
As it turned … our exploits still work great even on FW 2.60 and we want you too can enjoy the homebrew PSP-mode even after this update. USERMODE The exploit type, as has already been said, so it is not possible in any how to run ISO / eCFW / Homebrew Plugin or that require access to the kernel. E ‘Homebrew However, you can use that do not require kernel mode. So this means that can be started all emulators, homebrew games and any other app that calls functions reserved for system use. At present we know that the following homebrew do not work:

Daedalus x64> Operates an old version which will link to release

This exploit has been developed with the revision 163 of VHBL by me and BackTrack (aka Dodi31), with the support of ModdingStudio.com and PS3Mod. thank all those who have believed in us and in our project … as well who have had the patience to wait. The game has a flaw that allows the execution of unsigned code is as follows: DARTS ARCADE (European version) -> € 2.99 on the PS Store Game ID: NPEZ00053 Files will be released in the near future I also want to remember that the money you spend on the PSN go to $ ony, and that we do not get a penny laundry

Source: http://ps3mod.altervista.org/T-VHBL-il-prossimo-exploit-%C3%A8-servito

Thanks to @simonbuck for the tip :)

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