Want A Shiny New Red PS3? Grab A GOW: Ascension Bundle

February 2, 2013

The new red PS3s that are going to hit the United Kingdom and Europe are also coming to the rest of the world. The difference is that you won’t be getting it in the form of a base package. The guys at SCEA have decided that the Garnet Red PS3 will be part of the God of War: Ascension bundle, which will be packing a 500GB hard drive along with every God of War game that makes up the franchise. To top it off, you’ll also be getting a 30 day trial to PlayStation Plus. The bundle will be coming to the stores on March 12th, roughly a month after the Red base console gets released in the UK and Europe.

The only question that’s left to answer is the price. For $350, you can get the console packing a good amount of storage space and 6 whole games. If you’re across the pond and are already saving up for the Red console, you may want to hold off, save some more money and get this instead. It’ll definitely be worth your buck. Anyone looking to pick this one up when it drops?

Source: PlayStation US

via PS3News

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