Want To Get the PS3 or PSP XMB Running on Your Windows PC? SvenGDK May Have Your Answer With XMBPCE!

February 26, 2013

In case you don’t already recognize the name, SvenGDK is quite well known in the Sony hacking community for his work on a little software called PS MultiTools. However it seems that the talented coder has taken a slight diversion from their previous work to start an entirely new project called XMBPCE. Just like the name sort of implies, this is a fully functioning emulator for PC that displays some of the basic functions of the XMB just like you might find on your PS3 or PSP. In fact, the basic emulation is solid enough that you should even be able to navigate through the menu by using a connected PS3 remote. Pretty nice job for just about a day’s work I would say.

The next thing that a lot of users are asking about this yet to be released software is what exactly this could be used to do. The answer to that is in many ways a little bit too early to actually tell. The demo videos show that the basic launching of apps from the GAME category is indeed supported, but I would expect it could take a lot more work if ISOs or even homebrew titles are going to function in this environment. Possibly something more realistic to look forward to is maybe being able to load your music or video files in to use the XMB’s basic media functions as an alternative to Windows Media Player. Regardless of what comes of it, the community should be excited for the release of this project!


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