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October 8, 2012

A developer that goes by IcEmAn has released an update to his XMB CFW MOD. Before we get into the updated version lets take a look down the rabbit hole in order to get an understanding of this MOD. This modification will add modded XMB categories, modded package installer, IcE-rX Media Manager, added theme and custom boot logo. The only drawback from the initial release is that it was only compatible with those on German Kmeaw, Rebug or TB custom firmware. Update 2.2 is compatible with all custom firmware versions. But as usual I will state this. Be very careful when messing with your PS3 internal files. It is set in stone that if you brick your system it is your fault. But to cool your nerves a little. Members at psx-scene have confirmed this working using KMEAW CFW.

Another update by the developer adds support for DEX users. But so far I have not seen anyone confirming it working.



  • Modded XMB Categories: Bilder | Hip-Hop | HD Video | Homebrew | Games | PlayStation | PlayStation Network | Install by raxxus
  • Package Installer is under Install Categorie divided in 7 system folder:
  • PS3 Hard Disk (intern) | Install Homebrew (Tools) | Install XMB BOOT PKG | Install PSN Content | Install PS1 PSN Content | Install PKG Patches/Updates | Install PKG Content by raxxus
  • Package Installer have been translated by IcEmAn
  • Debug settings have been translated by raxxus
  • app/home/PS3_GAME/ –> Launch Game (Discless) by raxxus
  • PlayStation PSN Category for PS1 games (installed pkg’s are also displayed in the Games category) by raxxus
  • Internet Browser is under PSN Category by raxxus
  • Install Category modified for IcE-rX Media Manager (XMBM+) by raxxus
  • HD Video Category integrated for TV Channel THX RazorX / by IcEmAn
  • Network settings Info/Gamedata-utility Info and Memory Card-utility Info by IcEmAn
  • Category for homebrew apps / tools (to be published by the folder “BCET00001″)
  • PS3 XMB Slim Theme THX FJTR / by IcEmAn
  • animimated IcEmAn Boot Logo by Cr4zY95
  • PS3 CFW GameBOOT by Cr4zY95
  • Boot Sound by RazorX
  • Kamo Wave Line by Glowball1

Installation instructions:

  • Install any CFW (3.55) you like
  • Install XMB_CFW_MOD_v2.pkg
  • Activate dev_blind
  • Copy the content of: hdd0/game/XMBCFWMOD/USRDIR/dev_flash to “FLASH”
  • Copy the content of: hdd0/game/XMBCFWMOD/USRDIR/dev_hdd0 to “internal hard drive” by using a file manager (multiMAN) or FTP
  • Disable dev_blind and start the console again

User caution: If an incorrect use of the flash memory, a brick-risk for the console! Under the category CB (PlayStation Category) can no longer be installed (CB is now 1p).UPDATE_2.2_(IcE-rX_Media_Manager) can now be installed on all CFW’s, but not the normal XMBM + (must be cleared before).

Download: XMB CFW MOD v2

Source: iceman-modz via psx-scene

Tags: iceman2012, ps3 xmb mods

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