Warframe confirmed for PS4, will remain free-to-play: Nice!

June 6, 2013

For those interested in free-to-play steam style,  we have some good news.
Though i don’t like that much this game. It’s interesting that will remain free-to-play on PS4.
I think it’s a step forward at least on free-to-play games genre.
For me this is clearly some rip-off of Dark Sector but if you can ignore those similarities. Warframe it’s a very fun game to play Online and what’s best will remain free to play it on PS4. Same engine, different Artist (that’s what i meant by a rip-off).

To quote:

Warframe, the free-to-play co-op shooter from Digital Extremes, is coming to PS4 with the same microtransaction-based model, Creative Director Steve Sinclair tells IGNWarframe is currently out on Steam for PC. It’s a third-person sci-fi shooter that pits groups of players against invading enemies, with distinctive ninja overtones.

“We hope we can make [free-to-play] attractive for the console audience,” Sinclair says. “Instead of dropping 60 bucks on a six-hour game, [a person] might drop a few bucks here and there on our game, which gives some of our players 500 hours of entertainment.”

Digital Extremes is the Canadian studio behind the Unreal series, The Darkness 2 and the recent movie-inspired Star Trek.

[Source] = Joystiq



Dark Sector:

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