[Warning] Rogero 4.41 v1.02 CFW Is Fake – DO NOT INSTALL [Warning]

May 11, 2013

Yesterday, there was a slight mishap in which Rogero’s 4.41 v1.00 CFW was accidentally posted in public, it wasn’t ready for public use, so people/websites were asked to remove it, in the process Rogero found a few websites claiming to have a Rogero 4.41 v1.02 CFW, here is a quote posted by the developer on Tortuga Cove:

 photo 800px-Warning_sign_2_edited-1_zpsbe6d5b67.png

some of you already know that a version of my CFW4.41 was leaked on IRC by accident from some days, that was not a big deal and it was not out yet because I wanted some close friends to test it well as usual before going public.

But now, I just came accross some google links posting a Rogero CFW4.41 v1.02 which I never built myself, I didn’t download it and never checked it too myself.
These links are in no way official and I don’t really know what PUP they are linking to, it may be a modified version of my leaked PUP, I don’t know and I won’t check it.
some of these links are:




The version that was leaked is 4.40 v1.00 and not v1.02, there was only one PUP built which is version 1.00 and it didn’t have any known problems at all and there was no need to have another version.
Now that it was leaked and there is now some other versions claiming to be Rogero CFWs too, I will release my PUP in a short while along with the new Dump Auto Patcher v0.05 with 4.41 patches.

As usual the MD5 for the official version will be posted with the PUP soon so you know you are getting the correct version.


Thanks to charlie666 for originally posting the news tip on the forum and sorry for PS3HaX messing up >.<

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