[Warning] Team-SGK Fiasco: Don’t download/Install anything = High Brick Risk.

August 9, 2013

Do not trust in them.

I’m human and i made a mistake which i feel responsable for it.
Our duty as informers, writers, mods. It’s to keep our community informed and SAFE.

Why you don’t see those two releases made by this “Team” SGK?:

1) Because it’s not stable.
2) It’s not complete.
3) It’s problematic.

Some users over here already reported so far 2 or 3 bricks while installing this CFW.

So until “TEAM-SGK” fixes their problems and some others that caught my attention about some “stolen” work and labeled as theirs.
I will remove ALL links from HAX and for the time being add them to the “BLACK LIST“.


If you want to test CFWTeamSGK 4.46.3 Cedex SW (swap 4.46cex to 4.41dex) and ChangePSID by TeamSGK for CFW 4.46 CEX. You will not find those links here.
Because our top priority is the safety of our own users.

Message to Team-SGK:

If you release something and if there’s some proof that you actually “stole” work from others and labeled as yours.
I HOPE you come clean from this one. Just telling the truth. If you need testers just “hire” some willing to mess up their PS3′s with something half-finished.
Less you can do is refute what i’m saying and i repeat = Come clean and make an official statement why your releases are causing so much problems.



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