Watch Dogs unleashed in November: No Iphone needed to play this awesome game.

April 30, 2013

That’s right this awesome game has already release date on North America and UK = November 19 and 22. We can play this on our PS3 or Xbox360? YES! but also planned for next-gen consoles. (Looking forward to see that).
Enjoy having NO privacy at all in this cyberpunk game.

To quote:

Ubisoft will launch city hacking action adventure Watch Dogs on November 19 and 22 in North America and UK, respectively. The cross-generation game will be available on all current-gen systems, PC, PS4 and “is also planned for other next generation consoles” (i.e. the next Xbox).

The game will launch in the UK with four different editions. The Dedsec Edition (at select UK retailers) includes a 23cm figurine. The Vigilante Edition (at Game in UK, GameStop in Ireland) includes Aiden Pearce’s cap and mask – yup, no way that could go wrong. The Uplay exclusive edition, available on Ubisoft’s digital distribution network, will apparently send you a steelbook. Finally, the very unspecially named Special Edition (from Game in the UK) includes an extra single player mission.

We’ll update when we get word of North Americans bundles.

[Source] = Joystiq

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