Web Browser Plus & Package Manager by RazorX

October 6, 2012

PlayStation 3 developer known for his PS3 Ultimate TV App, RazorX, has released two homebrew apps for your custom firmware PS3 console. The first one is a RCO Free Package Manager. What this basically does is ensure that none of you RCO files are messed with when installing this Package Manager. So if you are running a custom firmware that you modded your XMB layout wont be affected.

The second  is Web Browser Plus. Not much info regarding what, if any, has been added to this web browser. But it is said that it utilizes multiMAN’s browser. Both Package Manager & Web Browser Plus can be found in the XMB network category. 


Installation Notes:

For those of you who don’t know how to install this all you do is extract the zip and put the PS3~dev_blind~vsh~resource~explore~xmb.zip file on your usb stick. Then launch multiman, go to mmOS, browse your usb stick and double click on the file. It will ask you if you want to install it via install package files. Choose yes and your done.

Download: RCO Free Package Manager

Download: Web Browser Plus

Source: psx-scene

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