webMedia plugin for Showtime: RSS feed, Imagecast, Podcast, Videocast, Live TV/Radio reader

December 15, 2011

webMedia plugin for Showtime is a free internet source media reader. Can read RSS feeds, Imagecast, Podcast, Videocast, Live TV/Radio (rtmp). I built this plugin for my own use because I wanted more than current Showtime plugins can give. The purpose of this plugin is to have the possibility to read free media sources available on the Internet.

I thank Andreas Ă–man for Showtime, a wonderfull application, for always improving it and for all the plugin documentation. I also thank facanferff and NP for their excelent plugins.

Release notes: 1.0: Initial version

  • Read RSS feeds (RSS, Imagecast, Podcast and Videocast)
  • Read Live TV and Live Radio (rtmp)
  • Read up to four XML data files from HTTP or SMB (just one URL needed)
  • Settings for choose if want to aggregate sources
    • By publisher
    • By theme
    • By country (242 countries by default)
    • By type (6 types by default)
  • If you want to, you can choose a parental control level (1 to 9) for each source
  • If you want to, you can choose if each source is your favorite
  • Extremely flexible, for each source, you can have a simple xml with title and link or a more complex xml with title, link, thumbnail, themes, publisher, country, type, parental control and if is your favorite
  • Some debug settings


  • Install webMedia plugin on Showtime (for those that don’t know how to do it, see the readme file in the download link below)
  • Create your sources XML file (use webmedia-xml-maker linked below)
  • Put the path of your source xml file in webmedia plugin showtime settings (for those that don’t know how to do it, see the readme file in the download link below)
  • Run it!

If you want to, share your generated pastebin or pastehtml URL so others can use it.

Suggestions & feedback are welcome. But take into account that there are problems related with showtime that are not related to this plugin. So if you have freezes or something like that, add a bug to showtime tasks in showtime website.

Read the readme file linked below for more information.

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Have a nice christmas!
andreus sebes

Oh, if anyone wants to make a video of the plugin working I’ll put it here. (Please send Tranced a PM with the link to the video.)

Download: Showtime webMedia Plugin

XML file maker
Github: Showtime webMedia Plugin

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Edited by Tranced.

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