What Do You REALLY Get For $499 On The Xbox One?

August 15, 2013

 So what do you actually get with the Xbox One when you don’t have a Gold subscription? Not a lot it may seem….

This comes from me seeing this photo online, and being surprised to see how Microsoft has advertised these features as Xbox One features, not Xbox Live Gold features.

Here’s the photo a bit bigger:

So when you unravel your Xbox One console, hook it up, if you don’t have a Gold subscription you wont be able to:

Play multiplayer
Go onto ‘premium entertainment apps’ (most likely Netflix, Hulu and the rest)
Use Internet Explorer
View the NFL
Use OneGuide
Game DVR


So this goes back to my question. What do you get for $500?
Unless I’m missing something, a box that plays games.

Does this make Live Gold more valuable, or does it de-value the console itself?

In my opinion, it de-values the console more than it makes Gold seem like such a  good deal. The Xbox One has a price tag of $500, but to get what has been advertised like normal console features, it costs $560, and $60 on top for the coming years. I have a feeling that people will be shocked when they find out half of their consoles features are untouchable without a $60 purchase to use said features for a year.

But what I am really amazed at, is how the use of an internet browser is hidden. Even Skype you need a gold subscription for, I don’t understand their decisions to put Skype, a *free* service behind a paywall.

For those of you who are wondering, PS4′s DVR feature is not set behind the PS + paywall

Dear Microsoft,


I know it’s clear that I prefer Sony, and in this post I in no way mean to sound like I do, I am just voicing my opinion through value as a consumer, not as a Microsoft-angry Sony-fanboy.

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