What ever happened to my Fabulous FINAL FANTASY

September 23, 2013

Since my early years of gameing , one franchise has always kept me entertained over the years. The Final Fantasy series by Squaresoft , it has always had a special place in my heart.

But those days are a distant memory now, the release of sub-standard rehash after rehash has dampened my excitement for the forthcoming release of Lightning Returns.

Squaresoft refuse to remake FF7 but feel it is fine to tease us with costumes from the best Final fantasy ever (number 7) in Lightning Returns.

Both Cloud & Aerith costumes are confirmed … others may follow. This is like showing a kid a toy and then taking it from them, I don’t want costumes , I want a return to the roots of this wonderful franchise.

I have played nearly all The Final Fantasy titles on different platforms . The last half-decent release was FFX , then the creator’s found some way to screw it up.

Give the fans what they want and return to your roots squaresoft, do not take the easy way out and regurgitate your later incarnations of the games.

The Birth Of A Legend

The Legend Becomes A Man

The Death Of A Legend

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