What Is mmDM For? Also multiMAN 04.05.01 DEX?

August 31, 2012

Time lines regarding this is about to merge! First Deank releases his updated version of multiMAN 04.05.00 for DEX consoles. Unbeknown to us that a few developers are creating a tool that will not only make DEX/debug users happy but also entice those who have not yet converted their consoles.

PlayStation 3 developer Aldostools has released mmDM. This application, a DEX game mounter, surpasses the use of PS3Gen. No need to have a PS3Gen formatted external HDD which restricts you to only four game backups. With this app, coupled with the newly released multiMAN 04.05.01 DEX update by deank, one is able to play game backups via your PC using your wired LAN connection. Also added in this release is andbey0nd’s DEX Showtime 4.0.


  • No need for ps3gen and dedicated USB HDD with limitation for the number of games
  • No need to go to the PC each time you want to select a game (if mM is used)
  • Faster loading times via LAN
  • No need to split games
  • No HDD space required for games (only game data)
  • Works for 00.92-03.60 DISC game backups
  • Works for 03.70-04.20 DISC game backups with 03.55FW patched disc eboot/self/sprx files (not PSN/pkg patches)
  • If you prepare UPDATE packages for 03.70-04.20 games make sure to change all /dev_bdvd references in EBOOT.BIN/self/sprx files to /app_home

What do you need:

  • A PC and a PS3 and wired LAN (and some brains)
  • Wired LAN connection from your PS3 to the local network
  • multiMAN 04.05.01 [DEX] installed on your PS3
  • ProDG / TargetManager installed on your PC
  • mmDM (DEX GameMounter) installed on your PC

Please note that the download contains the full set of instructions.

Download: mmDM & multiMAN 04.05.01 DEX

Source: ps3crunch via ps3-scene

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