What The Hell Is A Nasne?

April 17, 2012

I think we found what Sony is going to be wining and dining the press with at this year’s E3 convention. It’s a mini PS3 of sorts and I’m not sure how to even pronounce its name.

Sony has unveiled the Nasne to be a networked recorder and media storage device. The purpose of Nasne revolves around the recording, watching and streaming of digital terrestrial and satellite broadcasts. Each of the devices that can connect to the Nasne will share a set of functions, where some will be unique to the device being used.

For example, the PS3 will be able to watch and record up to a maximum of 4 broadcasts at a time. (Provided that you have 4 Nasne units networked together) The Vita will be able to stream and transfer broadcasts from the Nasne. On Sony VAIO PCs, saved content can be saved to its storage medium or burned to a Bluray disc.

The Nasne is set to go on sale at 16,980 yen which works out to be about $200 USD. With other media streaming products and programs already available to the PS3, where will the Nasne fall into line?

Source: Examiner

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