What will be the future of the PS3 scene?

October 21, 2012

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As the PSVita scene keeps making greater and greater achievements, we might have forgotten the PS3, but the thing is, it’s still where we left it.

Since GeoHot got sued by Sony, no other greater achievement has been made. We have received a lot of proximately-CFWs, PSN spoofs, EBOOT fixes… but no one seems to have made any progress, except the new Multiman update which literally says “Support for 4.21 CFW”, so you never know, but still, I think only Mathieulh and KaKaRoTo seem to be able to do anything, but knowing Mathieulh’s past, it doesn’t seem he will do anything and KaKaRoTo alone can’t do everything, so I predict a very hard future for the PS3 scene, because last time we received any news from any HEN/CFW from the PS3 scene was a 4.00 HEN… and a 4.21 CFW in the Multiman changelog, so lets wait and see…

Anyway, we have to remember the PSP scene, between 5.50 GEN and 6.20. It was completely dead just like the PS3 scene is now, so lets hope a new Total Noob appears and saves the PS3 scene. Otherwise, this is going to be the perfect scenario for Sony.

What do you think? You think the PS3 scene will survive? Comment!

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