What’s That? A New Test Build of Showtime?

August 9, 2012

While Showtime is nearing its 4.00 release, there are still some 3.xx test builds that have to go out. That’s exactly what’s happening now as they start to appear.

Two days ago, a new build was made available for testing. Bringing the version number ever so closer to 4.0, it features changes made here and there. Take a look at the changelog going back a few builds:


  • Rework button handling a bit on the six axis controller
  • Select + Directional buttons will move items (when possible) Currently this can be done on the home screen
  • Select + Triangle will switch view (if possible) Not many pages comes with multiple views at the moment
  • Pressing harder on the buttons will increase the repeat rate, thus Pressing harder -> Scrolling faster (our work is never over)


  • Switched to a tile based home screen


  • ps3: Add auto power off after inactivity (Fixes #854)


  • Add a new default theme to ShowtimeDesigned by ‘opium’

If you’re feeling brave to test this build out, then you can find it at the homepage of Showtime, where you can find everything else you need to make your experience more complete.

Download: Showtime 3.99.425

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