Where HasTrue Blue Been With The EBOOT Patches?

May 10, 2012

True Blue  has been putting out a lot of patches but lately things have slowed down.  What caused the delay and is there anything new on the horizon?  Well, they are back with some big news…

Whether you’re for or against dongles you have to admit that anything that will allow you to play newer games on your CFW PS3 is a good thing, and that’s just what this update will let you do. The guys over at True Blue have released a statement about upcoming patches for their dongle that will give users a few more games to play on their CFW enabled PS3.  They also explained the reason behind the lack of patches for games recently is in fact due to a compatibility issue that has now been fixed thanks to their new update v2.62.

True Blue dongle firmware v2.62 has been released. Changes include:

• Fixed a major game compatibility issue which will allow the release of several popular, previously incompatible titles
• Improved system stability

Recently, EBOOT patches have slowed due to a compatibility issue which prevented recent games from running on 3.55 CFW. This issue has been resolved as of this firmware release, thus we strongly recommend that everyone update their True Blue dongles as soon as possible in anticipation of the upcoming batch of releases.

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