Where’s That PS3Tools GUI At Now? At v3.1, That’s Where!

July 25, 2012

When isn’t PSDev busy coding away updates for his PS3Tools GUI application? Just like that, there’s another update available and it does exactly what you can expect it to do.

That’s right, feature changes and bugfixes. With the new v3.1 update, PSDev has touched up upon the SPU Emulation feature that was included in the v3.0 release. Let’s take a look:


  • .SPU is now extension for emulator
  • SPU editor
  • Edit SPU files for emulator
  • Save SPU files for emulator whilst the program still open for faster emulation
  • A label that tells whether it’s currently emulating or not
  • SPU emulator has message boxes now upon successeions or errors
  • SPU refreshed button fixed
  • Changed interface for LS and codewatcher
  • Debug pkg decryption temporarily removed
  • checks pkg type now
  • SELF encryption added
  • Filter added to opening SPU file on editor and emulator so it narrows it down to just .SPU files
  • CEX2DEX now will tell if validation is done
  • Test.SPU included for testing
  • Included missing .dll for SPU emulation

You can pick up the updated PS3Tools GUI application below, if you haven’t already, from below.

Download: PS3Tools GUI v3.1

Source: PSX-Scene

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