Why isn’t Sony removing the game from the store? My reasons…

September 14, 2012

I was a bit surprised when I read that wololo had announced the game and Sony didn’t remove the game. Considering the recent games, the fast they removed the game from the PSN, I think Sony has started to think a bit differently…

Firstly, one of the reasons could be that considering the fail of the PSVita with sales, they could get money with this, because it is an important boost in sales. It is good for the PSVita and it is good for Sony and for Camcom (Creators of Monster Hunter). So, Sony happy + Capcom happy + PSVita Users happy = Everyone happy and probably companies like Capcom might actually want to let VHBL in their games, weird but it’s a possibility.

Another reason could be Sony developers actually realized there is no way VHBL could load PSP ISOs, and obviously PSVita ISOs. It can only load cool, fun and harmless homebrews. So instead of doing such a stupid thing (removing VHBL), why don’t they try to analyze possible PSP Kernel exploits? Such as the Davee HEN? And leave users who probably sold their PSP to buy the PSVita play the homebrews they played on their PSPs.

So, do you think Sony have finally realized this? Or do you think they are going to take the game out from the store? Comment!

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