Why isn’t there a 3.10 Vita Firmware yet?

February 18, 2014

Nobody likes useless updates for their consoles, but the latest Vita firmware seems to be taking its sweet time. Whenever we release a Vita hack here at wololo.net, one of the fears is that the exploit will be patched within days by Sony. And in general, they are pretty fast when it comes to that. January 2013 was the month Sony patched Total_Noob’s eCFW for firmwares 1.xx and 2.0x.

Strangely enough, This doesn’t seem to be happening this year. With TN-V out publicly for 2 months, and 5 game exploits announced so far, we still have to see a new firmware from Sony that would patch the Kernel exploit by Total_Noob.

Of course, PSP exploits are not Sony’s priority when it comes to Vita firmware updates, but they have shown they do care quite a lot about making sure exploits are patched as soon as possible.

Nevertheless, we haven’t seen a Vita Firmware update since firmware 3.01, which was released on December 5, more than 2 months ago. In the history of the Vita, the only time it took longer than that for a Firmware update was between versions 2.12 and 2.60.

Firmware 2.60 was released about 3 months after firmware 2.12, and contained quite a good amount of new features.

Other than this 3 month gap between 2.12 and 2.60, this is the longest Vita users have had to wait for a new firmware since the console was released in 2011.

Is the next Vita firmware going to be a huge update? Are Sony waiting for the PS4 release in Japan, in a week? Are they going to patch many bugs, improve some existing features? Is the vita TV going to get some love? Are new exciting features coming? Or is Sony satisfied with the Vita firmware and don’t think a new update is required for the foreseeable future?

What would you like to see in a new vita firmware update?

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