Why Sony Should Not, and Will Not, Leave the Hardware Business

October 18, 2012

Video game journalism, like every kind of journalism, often thrives on negativity and controversy. Since the inception of the trade, writers have been scrambling to cover wars, fires and robberies a lot more eagerly than any kind of news that would make the (non-sadistic) reader smile. Its part of human nature, mind you, so its hard to honestly blame them and claim to be free of guilt. If a writer comes to you swearing to have never done that, hes probably lying, me included.

In our industry the journalistic community often loves to choose a cyclical poster child of negativity and to collectively bash on it for a while before moving on the next victim. When that happens, one of the entities operating in the business becomes the one that is cool to hate on, and in the last few month the bulls-eye has been painted on Sony.

[Source] http://www.dualshockers.com/2012/10/…ware-business/

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