Wii U – All You Need To Know

November 15, 2012

It is only four days until the release of Nintendo’s Next-Gen console is released and what do we know about it ?

In this article i will attempt to post everything that you need to know.

Technical Specifications Console

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Technical Specifications GamePad

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Some Interesting Facts.
Wii U OS Level Screenshot
You will be able to take screenshots during games, its not clear if it is available on all games or only a select few.

No More Blocks
On all games, right up to the 3DS, Nintendo have used blocks as a form of indicating storage space, this all changes with the Wii U, they will use normal space measurements, now you will see “this game save needs x.xxMB” instead of “this game save needs x.xx Blocks”

Wii U games come on a proprietary high-density optical disc, which has been created by the help of Panasonic and have a maximum capacity of 25GB, the disc’s have smooth rounded edges, here is an image:

It has been reported that Wii U games are region locked, its not a big deal for most people, but it will affect those that like playing games from Japan, that never seems to see the light of day in western countries.

Backwards Compatibility
The Wii U lets us play your Wii games.

The Wii U’s “Wii U Channel” has an application called “Wii Channel”, which when selected takes you a replica of the Wii Channel, from there you will be able to play your Wii games, that was the good part, now for the bad.

When in the Wii Channel, you will not be able to use the Wii U Pads Screen, all games will be rendered in SD, all Wii games and VC games will only be accessible via the Wii Channel and not on the main Wii U channel.

You will be able to move data from your Wii to your Wii U, but not from Wii U to Wii.

Nintendo eShop
If you know what the PS3′s PS Store is, im sure you can guess what Nintendo’s eShop is.
On the eShop, you will be able to download the same full games that you get on disc, lets hope not all games are 25GB >.<
You will also be able to download demo’s and HD video from the eShop.

Storage/Game Saving
As you will have noticed with the eShop statement, you will be able to download full games, now with the Wii U Basic only having about 7GB storage and the Wii U Premium having about 29GB, that doesn’t give much room for full game download as well as movies and game saves.

Thankfully the Wii U lets us plug in up to 2TB of external storage, which will be formatted by the Wii U and wont be readable on a PC, this massive HDD space allows us to store full games as well as movies and game saves, it is recommended that you use a power supply with the HDD and a dual USB cable is not advised.

You can also use SD Cards, but only for Wii and VC Data, you will not be able to store Wii U Data to it.

Hopefully Pirate will open a Wii U section on the forum :)

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