Wii U Falls Short

April 3, 2012

Next generation talk is exploding onto the scene at the moment; however it is Nintendo who has taken the spotlight this time…

Oh Nintendo, we all know that it isn’t graphical importance that you use to impress customers but seriously?!

If you haven’t heard yet guys, the Wii U is apparently less powerful than the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. This is Nintendo’s step into the next generation of home consoles and is set to beat Sony and Microsoft to the mark, but at what cost?

Several developers have already made the public aware that the Wii U has less graphical, and generally development capabilities than the previous generation’s PS3 and Xbox 360. An anonymous source spoke out about the Wii U and claimed to be very familiar with the hardware. The source stated that the Wii U just isn’t as powerful as the PS3 and doesn’t have the same level of capabilities.

Surely with this head start over the PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720, Nintendo should at least be setting a realistic bar of standards, rather than trailing a generation behind. I’m fully aware that Nintendo aren’t particularly concerned about graphics but come on! At least try and match the previous generation.

Let me know your thoughts.

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