Wikipad: an introspective about this device.

February 9, 2013

Design looks like a gamegear..

We talked about Wikipad back then when @GregoryRasputin made a thread (click to see it) about Wikipad being a possible rival for PSvita but little we know about it. Product was set to release on october of 2012 but discontinued when signs *of a defect were found*.
The author states that this can be something *else*, something bigger in Android gaming but i sense that investors will risk not their necks for a device like this to compete against Microsoft and Sony as well. Probably that’s the main reason why this product was *delayed* and labeled *defective*.

Well so far we have *Wikipad* and *Steambox* hope something good comes out of this, including *Ouya*.

To quote:

The Wikipad device will be making an appearance this spring. The device was set to release in October, but was discontinued for modifications when signs of a defect were found. Gamers and investors were worried about the delay; concerned they might not get to see the Wikipad in action.

This device was designed to do more than just serious gaming; in addition it was designed to do things such as interact with social media, browse the internet, and play smaller games such as Angry Birds. When developers announced the starting price for the device at $499, consumers became worried that it might be too expensive for their budgets. In order to meet the demand for high quality and low cost devices, developers incorporated hiatus into their devices and were able to scale the device screen size down without a loss in specs. A development of this size was detrimental to the success of the product.

While some view the Wikipad as just another tablet with no difference from the many other devices in the market, this device incorporates the use of dock style and console style properties. Things such as joy sticks, physical buttons, and a D-PAD adds to the devices potential, and takes it beyond a simple gaming tablet into a world that not only contains a mobile gaming device, but the properties that make consoles so successful.

Wikipad operates on Android 4.1 “Jelly Bean” without the loss of any specs that it is expected to have. The device includes a 1280×800 display, a large storage capability (Up to 48GB (16GB + 32GB)), an Nvidia developed processor, and a camera with video chat capabilities.

The goal that the developers aimed to reach was to achieve a device that is cost effective, portable and enjoyable. They hoped to achieve a product that performed at the peak of its class; furthermore, a device that can combine the best of both worlds. The Wikipad is a device speculated to have a great future in the gaming market, even against the completion from other devices such as the OUYA device running Android. In response to the success probability of the Wikipad, a representative for TechCrunch stated that, “Android gaming could be the next big thing. With dedicated gaming devices like the… Wikipad, there will suddenly, almost overnight, be a whole batch of devices craving new games.”

Device Specs:
 Thickness: 2.57 inches
 Weight: 1.68 pounds
 Screen Size: 7 inches
 Operating System: Android
 Launch OS version: 4.1
 CPU Brand: Nvidia
 CPU Family: Tegra 3
 RAM Size: 1GB
 WiFi: Yes
 GPS: Yes
 Camera: 2 megapixels
 Battery: 8 hour use time

[Source] = NGU

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