Will “Timed Exclusives” kill Sony’s console business?

September 16, 2012

The XBOX 360 vs. PS3 war has been going on since 2006 and the two electronics companies have always had their pros and cons. this made it a somewhat preference oriented battle between two systems that shaped the battlefield known as comment sections and forums.

No matter what side you were on you knew that there was always a come-back for insults thrown at your favorite game machine, but that era may be coming to an end thanks to “timed exclusives”!

First i will point out that I do not include the Wii, It may have won in numbers but I do not feel as if it had a real impact in this generation of serious gaming.

Timed exclusives are usually in the form of DLC for popular games like “Call of duty” in which Microsoft will pay a publisher, this time, Activision, For the rights to carry map packs and the such for a set amount of time (usually 30 days) before other companies can stock the DLC on their servers.

This business practice has come to light in recent years and is seeing Sony’s Playstation 3 users left in the cold and behind the curve for at least a month. Now, some people Don’t really mind because they may say “CoD SUCKS!” or are not very impatient in general, well that’s fine but there are other reasons this is bad. Sony hasn’t really seemed on the ball with pushing developers to favor their systems in the last couple of years, and this is causing things like this to happen.

There is another example that comes to mind with this and it is a major one. Skyrim, bethesda software’s juggernaut RPG has been having great success in the U.S….on XBOX360, that is. The PS3 port has suffered a great many road blocks since its release, including lag problems, RAM resource issues, And now, DLC shortage. It all started when Bethesda and Microsoft announced that XBOX360 would enjoy a timed exclusive on their Downloadable content Dawnguard. But that isn’t the end, Apparently when they went to port it(finally) to our favorite black box they ran into a lot of technical problems and are now saying the PS3 may not get the content after all.. Sony has, so far, Not offered any solace to the gamers who would be affected by this and that alarms me. It speaks to their customers as to say “oh well, we have other stuff so who cares” That may not be the true feeling behind this but it sure seems like we aren’t getting the representation we deserve when it comes to pushing for better, working content on the Playstation 3.

What do you guys think? Are these problems that could be solved if Sony stepped in and pushed for more equal releases, or is it just that MS has the market trapped with their giant bank accounts? Either way I think our japan-based Gaming giant should try a little harder to push for more content on their “10-year lifespan” console before it goes the way of the Dodo

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