[WIP] XMB Manager Plus now at 1.00 stage

July 10, 2012

The devs of XMB Manager Plus have been busy in the last time. They added a lot of features and there’s now an Installer available, thanks to andreus. The project is currently under development, but you can already test it if you want. Thanks to all the developers that are involved in this project.


XMBM+ aldostools (coding, SFX/SFO editor/converter)
andreus (coding, translator)
Berion (graphical design)
bitsbubba (coding, themes)
CloneD (themes, tester, videos)
DeViL303 (coding, POC/WIP)
dragoangel (translator, themes)
ps3Hen (coding, 4.00 port, translator)
XiorgON (tester, translator, coding)
xlsound (images)
wawryn (translator)
XMBM+ Builder Toolkit
GUI: XiorgON
Batch coding: andreus, ps3hen, XiorgON
SFX/SFO editor/converter: aldostools
Graphical design: Berion
XMBM+ Installer
Coding: andreus
Special thanks
rebug team for the package manager installer
sandungas for the ps3devwiki and all is help
deroad for the PSXBrew, NoRSX and all is help
all xmbm+ toolkit tools developers
all the testers and bug reporters
and of course the users


As a team we believe in open collaboration which means sharing everything so everyone can understand if they want to.
The Development Page, this is where we discuss/plan for the XMBM+. If you have any ideas/suggestions send them there.
The entire source in available for download in the git Development page: http://www.ps3crunch.net/forum/threads/2431
Git: https://github.com/XMB-Manager-Plus/xmb-manager-plus
Git (Builder Toolkit): https://github.com/XMB-Manager-Plus/…uilder-toolkit
Git (Installer): https://github.com/XMB-Manager-Plus/…plus-installer

Originally Posted by ps3hen

Wow! we’re at version 1.00

Okay, I’ll take the 900th post . And I have to say andreus, well done. You’ve completed the last step, in truly making all of the XMBM+ code, XMBM+ code.

Together team XMBM+ has:

* A XMB Modification which has much potential, and already does so much

* An accompanying SDK, which can be used to create XMB mods with ease

* A XMB Mod installer using code not made by another group.

Now that we can pursue .sprx mods, we must decide, what are we going to do about HFW compatibility? Do not update it as major updates from this point will only include sprx mods, or make a “lite version” to accompany CFW versions in the future?

Also, I’m looking forward to doing more research into .sprx files. But in my opinion, the version 1.00 release of the XMBM+ should only feature the replacement of “Unlink” with “Delete” in regards to .sprx mods as a POC. ATM focusing on perfecting the new dev_flash installer and incorporating it into the SDK, is a priority IMO.

Download the latest TEST version (RC5)

Readme for XMB Manager Plus
Readme for XMB Manager Plus Builder Toolkit

Follow the Progress on PS3Crunch and GitHub.

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