Wololo.net turns 5 years old, and I have presents for you

August 5, 2013

PSP_BalloonsSeven years ago, I bought a refurbished PSP and made my commute to work less boring. One year later I had become a pretty hungry consumer of everything the psp scene could give me: exploits, CFW, downgrades, emulators, homebrews, open source code to look at… everything felt extremely interesting to me. Shortly after that, I decided it was time for me to try to give back to the scene, and in 2008 I set up this blog to talk about the progress on my very own homebrew Wagic, an ambitious PSP project for a game with an AI, based on a famous Trading Card Game that shall not be named.

Five years later, this place is unofficially known as “the” PSP and PS Vita scene site.

This anniversary is an impressive and humbling milestone for me. Wololo.net has evolved a lot depending on my own interests, but also the readers of the blog. This site wouldn’t be what it is today without some of my decisions, but more importantly it wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you, the community. I kinda sound like any website trying to make a typical PR here, but I really mean it. Some of you have been around for as long as me, and it’s heart warming to see you still stick around.

So, this month, I’ll try to make this anniversary a lot about me and a lot about you: a lot about me because I’ll probably be writing a few “history” articles about this site and myself, and a lot about you because I’ll be giving away presents throughout the month. To be honest, my dream would have been to give away a “secret” VHBL release based on an exploit I own to a few “winners” of some sort of contest, but I didn’t find the time to work on that. Instead, I’ll be having a few PSN Codes giveaways for the next few weeks, and, who knows, maybe a bit bigger present towards the end of the month.

I’ll start right away with two US $20 PSN Codes:

  • One $20 psn code to a random one of our Twitter followers who retweets this tweet.
  • One $20 psn code to a person chosen randomly among those who reply to this thread on /talk: Just say how and when you were first introduced to the PSP/Vita scene :)

Winners for both codes will be chosen at the end of the week, and we’ll have more gifts after that!

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