Working PSP Kernel Exploit on Vita 2.0! Future releases….

November 21, 2012

Some very good news, Frostegater has a working PSP kernel exploit on the new Vita firmware 2.0!

With the recent firmware update issued for the Playstation Vita all of the recent exploits that have been released were patched including the recent Urbanix, Mad Blocker and Gravity Crash exploits for 1.81. That update also brought along some concerns as to whether Sony had permanently patched the method used to running Total_Noobs popular TN-C eCFW. Now, some new developments have been made not long after the new Vita firmware 2.0 update in addition to the Hello World featured on Wololo’s article.

Developer Frostegater already has a working pspemu kernel exploit, on the latest Vita 2.0 official firmware update (this was first announced by TheZ yesterday, and Wololo got confirmation directly from Frostegater today). This proves that Sony hasn’t patched all vectors to run eCFW, and means that there is a future for more exploit releases especially for those who have updated. Frostgater is already hard at work at trying to port TN-C to this new kernel exploit.

So if you updated and lost yours or simply missed all of the chances that were present over the last few months, check back as your future looks very bright for an exploit release that can run eCFW on the 2.0 Vita firmware update. If you have not already gotten an exploit and are holding out on a lower firmware its probably best to update, but that’s a personal decision you’ll have to make.

On a side note, for those who have asked, we confirmed Open CMA still works on firmwares lower than 2.00 and everything should be working normally with your exploits.

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