Xbox One Launch Problems And Faults

November 22, 2013

When the PS4 was released i posted this thread, about the problems with the launch machines, well now its Xbox Ones turn, this is to be expected with launch consoles, but which console will have a higher rate of fail rate ?

Here are the faults that have been reported:

Broken/Faulty Disc Drive:

The console works, but cannot run discs, when the disc is inserted, you get a whirring/clicking noise, here are four videos that were posted on NeoGaf:

Many people on the official Xbox Support forums are reporting the same problem:
Xbox One – Won’t read any discs

Xbox One Owner Banned After Doing Emergency Offline Update:

Lazygamer posted this video, in which the owner of the Xbox One, explains how he was told to do an Emergency Offline Update by a Microsoft employee, which ended up with his console being banned (Read the videos description, it explains the problem in more detail):

Dashboard Tiles Not Loading

Xboxer360 reported about this problem and posted the fix, this one is a strange one and it only affects people in the UK, who are with British Telecom (ISP) and use their Homehub 4 and 5, the Homehubs 3 and below work fine, you can read more about it here:
Xbox One problems: Dashboard tiles not loading

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