Xbox One, PS4 launch date and prices announced at E3, already available for preorder

June 11, 2013

As part of their E3 presentations, both Microsoft and Sony announced the price of their Next Gen consoles.

The xbox one will sell for a list price of $499, while the PS4 was announced at $399.

The price of Sony’s next gen console is in line with what analysts had forecast, with the PS4 being much cheaper than the PS3 at launch, while the Xbox One is a bit more pricier than expected. In particular, the Xbox One is quite more expensive than the PS4. This is the opposite of the 360 vs ps3 situation at launch (the ps3 was more expensive than the 360, with the ps3 ranging from $500 to $600, and the Xbox360 being between $300 and $400)


For the most dedicated among us, both consoles are already available for preorder on Amazon. The xbox one can be found here, and the PS4 here.

Our sources tell us that the preorder supplies are limited at Amazon (50’000 each is the amount we have been given) and expected to sell out pretty quick… so, if you definitely want one of these the day it is out, preordering might be the right solution.

The Xbox one will be out in stores in November, while the PS4 was announced for Christmas. Both companies promised tons of exclusive content for their next gen consoles, but the price difference could play in favor of Sony’s console (although that’s not a given, after all the PS3 was much more expensive than the Xbox 360 ans still did pretty well). are you getting one? Or maybe both?

Disclaimer: the amazon links in this article are affiliate links. If you order through these links you pay the same price, but I get a share of the sale.

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