Xbox One’s E3 Demos Weren’t Run On The Xbox One… Or Were They?

June 17, 2013

Upon browsing the net, I found something fairly interesting about how one of the Xbox One’s playable demos crashed, and it returned to, lo and behold, a Windows 7 home-screen.

So this comes from a report on I read on cinema blend, and it seems to say that the games were running on a PC with Nvidia GTX cards.

And most comically, they are running on Windows 7, not their latest FW which is Windows 8. Don’t believe me? Here’s a closer up picture to prove it (and you can click the picture above for the full version of it, I cut it down so it would look appropriate in the opening)

Let’s have a closer look at that PC…

I am disappointed in this, being as even in an interview with EA’s COO, Peter Moore even said to Geoff Keighley in an interview after the showcasing of the Xbox One’s press conference,  that it was running on the Xbox One, but was it? Being as the screen featured the command ‘backspace’ it may not have been….

However, I was directed to a link that shows that the Xbox One was being used. During a demo this photo was taken by someone, which prooves the game was running on Xbox hardware;

Jonathan Blow, creator of The Witness, tweeted the discovery and he got a few responses from Xbox devs.

So it seems that only the demo running on PC was LocoCycle, made by Twisted Pixel. And the game Fantasia, a new Rythm game from Harmonix was actually running on Xbox hardware, but was it only those games? Who knows if it was more games that were running on Nvidia powered PC’s. Maybe it was just that game?
Also, in response to this article by my boss, wololo, it has been confirmed that all PS4 games were running on dev kits, Jonathan Blow and also Sucker Punches Jason Connell confirmed that inFamous: Second Son was running on dev kits also.

The following tweets are from Mr. Blow;

It is not true as the article says that “all E3 demos run on hi-end PCs”. The Witness was running on PS4 dev hardware, and it looked to me like all the other PS4 games were running on dev kits as well.

Dev hardware is the hardware that will be in the final retail box, but in a less consumer-oriented package.

Dev kits almost always have more RAM yeah. Better CPU+GPU, no…

All the indies I know were running on the PS4.

We worked very hard to get our game running on the actual PS4 hardware and operating system in time for the show. As did many other devs.

And this was from Mr. Connell;

Yup, we were definitely on a dev kit. [For inFamous: Second Son]

For those who haven’t seen it, PlayStation has released a ‘Greatness Awaits video, and pretty much everything was live action, apart from the dragon and monsters, of course.

Now when PlayStation tweeted it, they said it contained 35 secrets, can you find them all?

Source for PS4 dev kit

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