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April 1, 2013

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 RetroArch Gets the XMB Treatment, Starts a Scene Shift


On Wednesday this week it was announced that something big would be coming for emulation lovers in the PS3 scene. While it still may be a while before official release, there is indeed a software build out there that will allow you to create completely independent PKGs of individual ROMs that will utilize their designated RetroArch cores. Essentially this means that you would now have the ability to launch all of your favorite classic titles straight from the comfort of the XMB without the need for a full RetroArch app at all.


In my opinion, these are exactly the kinds of little boosts that our dedicated scene could use. As much as we now have almost complete use of the PS3 through the lv0 leak, there’s no denying that we’ve fallen into the rut of doing things in a very predictable way. multiMAN is a great piece of software, but it just seems a little bit messy that we almost always have to boot to an external menu to get anything done. If you want to really show off a way of doing things that will impress all your hacker buddies and casual friends alike, XMB launching is a great method to do that. It makes the whole scene idea that much more accessible and easy to use. In fact, we can now even say the same thing about PS2 Classics which can be booted from the XMB thanks to a new app. I sort of think its about time we take those tried and true exploits and start simplifying the procedure. RetroXMB is a really amazing step in that direction.

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Looking to get back on PSN? Our next bit of news will be especially worth looking at if you’re content to live on 3.55!

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