XMBC Updated with a new PS1Loader and Bite Gets Another Update

April 18, 2013

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Enjoying the fact that you can have your collection of both PS1 and PS2 games on your PS3? You can add PSP games to that mix as Bite will take care of it for you.

The newly released Bite tool by Italian developer Francesco Lanzilotta allows you to convert your favorite PSP games for play on the PS3, if it’s running custom firmware, that is. Version 1.4 drops a bunch of new stuff to aid with the conversion process such as a hex editor and PBP unpacker. Here’s the full changelog:

Changelog v1.4 Bite

  • Fixed some bugss
  • Adding new GUI
  • Added the readings. Mp3 files
  • Adding reading video files
  • Adding installation via setup
  • Added HTML Browser with direct connection to the site BiteYourConsole
  • Added the ability to convert ps1 backup with the program PS1toPS3
  • Integrated HxD Hex editor
  • Integrated PBP unpacker utility

Thanks Francesco Lanzillotta

Changelog 1.7.4 PSP2PS3

  • Added a new method to Resign suggested by Celebratesparta @ ps3hax. Thanks to @ Romangelo ps3hax for the clear tutorial.
  • CSO2ISO now called SIGN_EBOOT.bat instead of 1b. ISO2EBOOT.bat
  • SIGN_EBOOT.bat now EBOOT.BIN extracted from the file NP.ISO, decrypts EBOOT.BIN, resigna ‘s EBOOT.BIN EBOOT.BIN and adds, boot.bin and blank OPNSSMP.BIN return to’ ISO
  • Added into: WQSG_UMD_R31.exe, eboot_decrypt.exe tools folder of the
  • Removed save_tmp / open_tmp / load_tmp from root folder from the template
  • Waiting time extended on MakeEDATs.exe

thanks aldostools

You can download the latest version of Bite below.

Download: Bite 1.4 [Windows | OSX*]

Source: Bitemyconsole

via PS3Hax

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