XMBPC 0.9.8 Released: Features Stability Improvements

June 9, 2013

SvenGDK has been on a coding streak when it comes to XMBPC. Just a few days ago, version was released. SvenGDK is pushing forward with the releases. Here’s the changelog for the latest version.

  • Stability improvements on browsing games, musics, videos and pictures (You will maybe see no difference but the browsing system got completely changed and throws normally no more error exceptions)
  • Fixed: Volume adjustment now works on the music & video player
  • Fixed: When you exit the internet browser, XMB should get reactivated now
  • Added: YouTube can now directly be started under “Video”

If you have XMBPC installed already, just use the System Update function to obtian the latest version. If you are downloading XMBPC for the first time, install version 0.9.5 first, then use the System Update function for the latest version.


Download: XMBPC 0.9.5 | PS3 Controller Drivers

Source: @SvenGDK | PS3Hax Development Thread

Tags: PlayStation 3, PS3, SvenGDK, xmbpc, xmbpce

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