XMBPCE – A XMB Emulator by SvenGDK

February 25, 2013

Here is the latest project of PS3HaX user SvenGDK:

I want to show you a new project from me called XMBPCE which I started yesterday.

What is the XMB (XrossMediaBar)?

XMB is the graphical user interface of the PS3 & PSP.

What can I do with this emulator?

With this emulator you can use the graphical user interface of the PS3/PSP on your Windows PC. You can control it with the PS3 Controller.

What has been done already?

XMB Boot: Done (Boots up like the PS3)
Graphical user interface: Halfway done (Animated background missing)
Controller support: Done
Category browsing: Only “Games”
Starting games: Done
Playstation Button Menu: Halfway done

There are MANY features missing which will be added soon, this is only the first Alpha version …

Here are some short videos about it: (Of course it will be full screen on first beta release)

I hope I was able to wake your interest :D

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