XMC Modmenu Brings New Look and Mods to GTA

December 17, 2012

While a lot of games these days tend to shy away from the old school idea of cheat codes, the scene has found plenty of ways to, keep the basic concept alive by creating some pretty interesting software mods. I’ve done several articles on Tetzrep’s work with Mortal Kombat 9, but JDMAlex has also done their fair share of work to  help out the GTA community with his XMC Modmenu. Rather than taking up the entire screen to activate your cheats, this new menu uses the Three-socks look that helps to keep things minimal while still remaining functional.

Speaking of functions, I should also add that there is even more stuff to do in this third version of the modding interface. Now you can also modify the height of your car as well, which means if you want to be some high flying cool gangster you now have the option to do so right from within the car of your choice. As if that wasn’t cool enough, there is also color coding complete with gamer tags as well so that gamers can have a better idea of who is who in their particular game. The mod community may be small and not for everybody, but with games like GTA, sometimes its a bit hard not to be enticed when a game is so openly played.


Tags: gta, jdmalex, tetzrep, three-socks, xmc modmenu

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