Yet Another Giveaway – Win Killzone: Mercenary

September 6, 2013 has been giving away like their’s no tomorrow. This time, it’s Killzone: Mercenary!

With Tonakai’s weekly giveaway, currently hosting a Sims 3 giveaway and my giveaway of leaving a comment to win the entire humble bundle, along with Jeoway’s Origin codes which will be posted in the blog, there’s one more. The newly released, hotly anticipated, Killzone: Mercenary!

Enter HERE!.

Terms & Conditions (Sorry!):-

  1. The competition runs from the time of posting this blog until 25/09/2013.
  2. To enter, entrants must follow this link (Or the link above) and leave a comment, you’re more likely to win if you have put more effort into the comment.*
  3. You may only enter once, if you post more than 1 comment your first entry will be counted.
  4. Myself and 4 other people will judge the comments. The most favoured comment will win.
  5. The winner will be contacted by me on /talk through private message.
  6. The competition is open to EVERYONE :D – Yes, even Wololo & Mods can enter.
  7. The basic forum rules still apply! Read them here.

You may think 25/9/2013 is a bit long, but I wanted to give everyone a chance of entering. (New members, random viewers, wherever this giveaway is promoted… etc.)

Key for Crysis 2 Maximum Edition – ORIGIN KEY


I just recieved this email, for anyone who plays Need For Speed World, here’s a free Audi A1 Quattro:



Here’s an example of a post with effort put into it:

Acceptance Speech
Oh my gosh! I can’t believe I won! I’d like to thank my mom, my dad and everyone who helped me get this far. But most of all I’d like to thank my vita that helped me type this (anyone else have the problem with the bottom row not working sometimes) and visit wololo every week to read VHBL, (wheres the native exploit people) Minimur12 and and…. Hey Minimur12 just gimme the games already. Thanks I love you all. *Applause*

P.S. Battlefield would look really good in my sexy hands

It made me laugh, JayDog put effort into his post, ‘Hi’ might not cut it :)

(This doesn’t neccessarily mean he won, it’s an example)

Final T&C-

When you get the game, it may be open because I wanted to play on it.

(Only kidding ;) )

Who’s the most generous PSP/PS Vita hacking scene that does ninja releases and is the home to Wagic??? :)

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