YLoD PS3 SDK v4.50 Leak

April 24, 2014

A team by the name of YLoD has uncovered and leaked another small piece of the seemingly constant leaks of the PS3 SDK.

The majority of the useful tools of this leak have not been revealed by the YLoD team. The leaked files amount to a total of only 63 megabytes.

For a total file size that small, this leak could be one of a few things. It could simply be just be an update file for the SDK. It is also possible that this was a much larger software package, but YLoD decided not to release the whole thing. Christopher Groux of DashHacks says that it appears to him to be just a simple toolchain and basic compilers.

For obvious legal reasons, I cannot supply you guys with the actual SDK files. If you really want to see what they look, you should have the skills to know how to find them. Nonetheless, the small amount of content would probably be useless of you to have.

It is worth mentioning that team YLoD do not have a great track record of trust. Last month, they “released” an old Vita SDK that had already been publicly leaked on the web more than 2 years ago. So much for exclusivity… but at least this one looks reasonably recent.

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That’s all for now from me, The Jay Doctor. What do you think the true contents of this leak are? Do you think that YLoD stripped some parts off before leaking? Let me know in the comments, or on Twitter where I can be contacted/followed @The_Jay_Doctor using the handy links below.

Source: Dashhacks

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