You can still get Urbanix for Free

October 3, 2012

A few days ago a CFW was leaked, involving (among other things) a usermode exploit in the game Urbanix. You might remember that Urbanix was given away for free a few months ago, and people who were paying attention at the time could see there was a good reason we were excited about that free offer from Sony. It turns out the offer is still valid, you can still get Urbanix for Free on the PSN in Europe as long as you have a facebook account and a EU PSN account.

This happens here, and the offer could stop anytime, so hurry.

Once again, it is important to mention a few things regarding this exploit and the kernel exploit that was leaked a few days ago. First of all, I don’t have a VHBL release ready for this yet. Despite what the leaker has been claiming, this is not because I just learned about this exploit (because obviously we’ve been aware of this for a while and that’s why we advertised this offer a few months ago), but because in the meantime I have focused on the Super Collpase 3 and Monster hunter exploits. As a matter of fact, a working VHBL on firmware 1.67 exists for the Urbanix exploit, but it needs to be adapted to 1.81. It seems some of the changes we brought in recent VHBL revisions (somewhere between the SC3 exploit and now) broke a few things for Urbanix. For now this means we don’t have a working VHBL for 1.81 (one thread crashes), but hopefully it is just a matter of time. As an important reminder, since the user exploit is now public, and VHBL’s source code is open source as well, I do not have access to any more information than anybody else to get this VHBL port to work. You want to see VHBL on 1.81 and you think the release is taking to long? Then do it yourself, everything’s explained here.

Additional notes about the Kernel exploit: first of all, the kernel exploit is not tied to a specific game. If you are the lucky owner of a working game exploit (MHFU on 1.80, SC3 on 1.65, etc…), then it is very probable that if the kernel exploit ever gets reversed, it will be relatively easy to port to those exploits. The conclusion being, if you like your current VHBL, I don’t think there is any good reason for you to update now.

It is also my understanding that the kernel exploit is not encrypted in the files that got leaked, only the CFW is. So now’s the time for all the leechers and pirate-wannabe to show they are more than just talk. People keep claiming that the difficult part of a CFW is finding and implementing the exploit. Now that the exploit is public, let’s see how many people have the skills and time to port ProCFW (which is open source) to the PSP emu on the vita, and then let’s see how many of them are ready to actually release it once they’re done. It all seems so easy to some people who’ve never tried  :)

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