Your Favorite Multiplatform Emulator Gets Updated: RetroArch

February 12, 2013

Themaister and Squarepusher has released a new version of the RetroArch multiplatform emulator. This update features the usual changes and bugfixes to the various cores that make up the homebrew. Take a look at the changelog for more information:

[FBA core] Various changes/fixes

  • Hook up Armed Police Batrider controls
  • Afterburner – make fire buttons work
  • Hook up Bad Dudes controls
  • Hook up Cyberbots controls
  • Hook up 1942 controls
  • Add missing Chase HQ controls
  • Add missing WWF Wrestlefest controls
  • EEPROM save should now work (tested with EEPROM-based system such as Capcom CPS2)
  • Samples are now looked for – should be in ‘samples’ subdirectory
  • Hiscore files should now be read from/written to.


[SNES9x Next] Added big speed hack for Star Fox 1 – makes it fast enough for it to run at fullspeed on the Wii.
[Genesis Plus GX] Set samplerate back to 44Khz.
[CONSOLES] Audio resampler is now adjustable – can choose between Sinc resampler (new) and Hermite resampler (old). Sinc is now selected by default, is superior audio-quality wise and will fix a lot of sound issues.
[PS3] Save Preset fixed
[PS3] Starting with Dual Shader/Custom Scaling mode OFF and then turning it ON works now


You can get your fix below.


Download: RetroArch [CEX | DEX]


Source: @Libretro


via PSX-Scene

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