Your Opinion: Will the PS3 Scene die with the release of PS4?

December 14, 2012

With this current console generation coming near an end, most people already have expectations of the new gen consoles, and where Sony and the PlayStation brand will go with mistakes it learned from PS3. It is no doubt, the  PS3 security is a tough one to hold its own for a very long time. Maybe people were fairly disappointed the PS3 security did not turn out like the PSP and the scene did not go off in the direction the PSP did (which I believe is the reason that the PSP failed, driving off devs).

But, I would like to ask the readers here at PS3Hax, what do you think will happen to us, the PS3 scene, after the release of PS4? Do you think  that the PS3 scene will move as it always have and still explode if a breakthrough is found bringing in more people? Do you think the PS4 scene would bring the same disappointments the PS3 scene brought? Do you think devs will continue making games for PS3 with a PS4 console on the market?

 Its a interesting question, and I would love to see your guys responses to this below :)

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