Your side of the fence – A commentary on brand loyalty

June 9, 2013

It has been a long while since I last wrote an article for you guys, i may be a bit rusty so be easy :) Glad to be back though, and I will be writing more as the new job I have allows me to sit at my desk with a lot of free time!(hehehe) So here it is my first article in Months!

The console wars, a title that originally appeared in the early 90′s due to Nintendo and Sega releasing comparable consoles. previous generations had competition, but when the Clinton era hit, all bets were off! I remember having a Super Nintendo and thinking it couldn’t get much better, my friend Chad however, had a Sega genesis. We fought like cats and dogs over which was the superior console and would never relent. I remember that now mainly because I see a larger version of our fights everywhere I look on the internet.

It makes me wonder where this loyalty comes from. Is it from having access to a certain console first? Is it from Someone we know introducing us to a certain IP associated with that console? Maybe we just grew up with a certain plumber, or bandicoot for that matter. Whatever the reason, brand loyalty, in general serves you no purpose but corporations eat it up.

These major corporations do not care that you man the front lines of social media, so Why do it?

I, like many of you here in the recent years gravitated toward Sony game consoles, Not because I had always been a fan or was “hardcore”. It was because they have had, in recent years, what I personally wanted as a gamer; Quality.

I didn’t care much for the Wii other than 2 or 3 games and XBOX 360 was OK but there were always exclusives on Playstation that I wanted, needed even. I bought a PS VITA Day one because of Metal gear solid HD.

Why does this matter? Because a couple months ago I bought a 3DS, Yes that’s right, the Vita no longer met my needs as a gamer, Doesn’t mean I love Nintendo more now, It just means they happened to have more games available in general. It has got me thinking mainly because I visit sites devoted to both and the fanboyism is so rampant, so extreme that it turns normal conversations about games into a bloody dumb mess.

I see the next gen coming up and shudder to think how my beloved wololo forums may turn to a battlefield over a comment as simple as “hey have you seen that new Mario, it looks fun” followed immediately by “mario is stupid, gtfo Nintendork!” and I know this site is mainly about the PS brand but a lot of my colleagues are neutral on the matter (Not all, mind you, but a lot) it just so happened that many of us agree PS has stepped up last gen.

To keep from ranting all night I’ll get to the point. We are gamers, we need to always be broadening our horizons and not limiting ourselves to one company over some false sense of loyalty. Sony nor Nintendo nor Microsoft care about, much less reward us for it. Granted they do want us this way due to free advertising but honestly, they don’t need it. They need to succeed for their content not they’re cheerleaders. Keep an open mind and please do not think this is a bash, I respect all gamers, I just want to see us all one day in harmony. Here’s to the next Generation and us gamers!

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